Living the van life in two separate vans. One is a Nissan NV200 Pop Top and the other is a Mercedes Sprinter conversion!

Living Free & Off-Grid

There are few feelings that compare to the freedom of the open road.

I first started living on the road in 2016. I chose van life because it offered me an affordable, rent-free lifestyle; a lifestyle which allowed me to have greater control over my time.

Living full time as a nomad ultimately permitted me to focus on the things I wanted to focus on. I developed skills and had so many experiences that I otherwise would not have had. Simply put, I would not be the person I am today without van life.

When I started living minimally, I was able to reduce my monthly expenses tremendously. In doing so, I could then spend more time learning. I could focus on the things I was passionate about without having to worry about the frequent bills that I had in my previous life.

The decision to limit my possessions and monetary debts gifted me a taste of freedom that I had never before experienced. I used all this extra time to hone my crafts in everything from videography & photography to building out custom camper vans. I would never have learned these skills had I not made that initial leap towards van life.

Since then I’ve also explored other forms of alternative living including tiny house dwelling and off-grid adventures. I owe a lot to minimalism and have a passion for living with less. This passion allows me to maintain the freedom to travel frequently as a nomad.

See below for all things related to van life, off-grid homesteading, and alternative living. I share my experiences, tips & tricks, gear recommendations, campervan & tiny home build details, and some of my favorite videos & photos from the past 7+ years.

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